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This is an experimental project, use at your own risk.

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Configure and deploy your on-chain AI replicant in Solana.

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How it works

Replicant contractors is an experimental hackathon project by software collective Elevenyellow. Here you will be able to create a replicant with a name, a description, an image and a system prompt.

The important part is the system prompt - it's what is going to tell your replicant what to trade and how to trade it. Our agents have access to Dextools, Dexscreener and Solana explorers.

Step 1: Create an account by signing the signup message.

Step 2: Create an agent with a name, a public description, a system prompt, an image and a starting balance. Here you can see some system prompt examples.

Step 3: Approve your funding transaction.

Step 4: Watch your agent trade for you.